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1.) Taking action will take your farther than having knowledge with no action

2.) Don’t worry about things you don’t have control over. Instead, use your energy to focus on things that you can control and manage them as best as you can.

3.) Don’t spend your time chasing after perfection. Since this is just another way of tricking yourself into a mindset of procrastination, you will just end up wasting precious time.

4.) Stop trying to avoid failure in your journey to success. You need to experience mistakes and learn from them to grow and achieve success.

5.) Always prioritize your health. If your health suffers, then everything else will crumble.

6.) Don’t make big decisions when you’re extremely emotional. Chances are you will regret this down the road so it’s better to wait until you have a clear head to make such decisions.

7.) Gratitude is the best attitude. Appreciating things either big or small will help you feel more positive.

8.) Saying no does not make you a bad person. After all, you are your own person and have every right to choose between accepting or rejecting opportunities.

9.) Never underestimate the power of random acts of kindness. These small gestures have the power to make anyone feel better than when you found them.

10.) Always treat others the way you want to be treated.

Stop ignoring these signs!

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Use these to help increase both your productivity and your efficiency

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